#RHOA vs #RHOP: Are you here for #BrownSundays or nah?

In true Bravo TV style, Andy Cohen, Executive Producer of the Real Housewives series, (and the rest of the people at Bravo) thought it was an excellent idea to add another all black cast to the popular franchise. As many of you reality TV junkies know, Sunday night was already being held down by the lovely melanated women of Atlanta. Chile they been doing their thing the last week reading each other for filth, lying about their marriages, faking nice with exes, and reintroducing past cast members – really anything to fill the void that Nene left. Of course, in due time, it was discovered that there is no RHOA without one Miss Linnethia Leakes as she returned a couple episodes ago.


Right around the time RHOP decided to rear its ugly head.


If you are unsure of what RHOP stands for then consider yourself very lucky. You haven’t yet been subject to this shady convoluted mess Bravo stirred up in their caldron. But for the purpose of this article I will let you know what’s good – RHOP stands for Real Housewives of Potomac. If you’re wondering, what the hell is a Potomac? You’re in good company. Potomac happens to be one of the affluent suburbs in the US….I’m talking Beverly Hills affluent. Minus the abundance of entertainers. We’re talking wealthy people like executives of large corporations, lifelong philanthropists and social justice crusaders, and generational wealth. Yep, that kind.


Now let’s be real, ain’t no one expecting a bunch of melanated folk to exist in those areas and I guess Bravo decided to capitalize on that as an interesting juxtaposition to Real Housewives of Atlanta…and call it #BrownSundays.

shady sundays

Yes, that is how #BrownSundays was born. Bravo said “hey, we already have all these black folk watching, why not just put both franchises intended for them back to back and refer to it as #BrownSundays?”. To their credit, it makes sense for the two to be back to back. And also to their credit, it’s also a good thing they said brown rather than Black Sundays. Or Dark Sundays. Or HomeGirl Sundays. You catch my drift.


So here we are, Brown Sundays which has since been quietly been changed to #ShadySundays. Honestly, I find #BrownSundays was much better rather than the coded Shady Sundays. Ain’t all these Housewives franchises chock full-a shadiness?


I can tell you, the interest level from the beginning from a lot of black women on social media wasn’t that high compared to RHOA. Just knowing it’s set in an ultra-wealthy MD suburb lets you know that these bishes gonna be at least a 7 on the bougie scale. There would also be a lot of blackness denial. In watching the previews, the contrast to RHOA was extremely obvious – particularly in regard to physical attributes. All but one of the women are light skinned. Most with light eyes. There wasn’t an obvious phat ass in sight either. Goodness, why did I even continue to give it a chance? I shoulda known right there.


From the first episode to the 4th episode, I can tell you, most of the Potomac ladies are delusional. It’s everything I and most of my sistas thought it would be – an embarrassment to black women and a microcosm for what happens when black women get access to a certain level of wealth. These sisters must have been brainwashed by their surroundings. If I hear the word etiquette one more time I might scream. I appreciate the attempt to show a different aspect of blackness through a Real Housewives franchise but this ain’t it. It’s damaging to us as black people and as black women. The show depicts my biggest fear of wealth and why I will never live in this kind of suburb.


So let’s jump right into it…what really makes RHOA & RHOP so different and which truly provides the better message for black women and of black women to a wider audience? Here is the answer:


Physical Appearance:

I’ll have you know right off the bat. My favorite two on RHOP are Gizelle and Robin. Man, I would chill with them any day. As light bright as those two are they are black to the bone and make no qualms to let it be known. Gizelle ironically is the most down to earth of them all and is originally from the area. She is a descendant of an influential civil rights leader and also ex-wife of Pastor Jamal Bryant (google him if you are interested in being disgusted). Robin is ex-wife of a NBA player and works from home doing marketing. She is also very down to earth. Both Gizelle and Robin have very fair complexions and light green eyes. While Robin is thick, Gizelle is tall and slim.

We also have Karen and Ashley who also fit the light skin mold. While Karen doesn’t have the light green eyes, she does have the thicker build. Ashley has the very big curly Afro hair (she is half black, half white).

Charisse and Katie are the darkest of the crew (and by that I mean light-brown skinned) and seem to be the most anti-black. Go figure! Charisse is a thick chick and wife of a former Wizards coach. KAtie is also biracial – half black and half (white) Jewish – and doesn’t forget to let you know so every episode. Katie is a thin woman with brown eyes.

Now we know the ladies of ATL. All except for maybe Kim Fields exude the stereotypical ass, ass, ass, physique of a Georgia Peach. But even in terms of complexion. We mostly have brown to dark skinned ladies with the exception of the newly added Kim Fields. Oh and my girls love to change up their weaves and wigs from curly/kinky – straight. Those Potomac ladies are stuck on straight with a bump – minus Ashley whose natural hair is a big curly Afro.


Education & Career:

Now the college education among the two franchises is likely more concentrated in Potomac. But in terms of careers, ATL got them beat. Do these Potomac heifers aside from Robin have jobs? I’m sorry, around my way “philanthropy” ain’t a job. Being a socialite is not a job. Those are both things attributed to rich white women. Sigh.

Comparatively, these ATL women be hustling boy! Look at Phaedra, Kim Fields, Nene, and Porsha! They are all for the most part employed and have jobs. For real, for real, Phaedra got enough jobs for all these heifers.

And I don’t want to ignore the fact that through the years, there have been a number of ATL Housewives who have lived off a man. BUT I do want to point out that it seems they viewed the reality show opportunity as a way to launch their own careers….not simply continue to live on hubby’s (or parent’s) money.



Chile. Again. Outside of Gizelle and Robin, the rest of these Potomac women are dry and drier. The shade is there albeit not as good on my ATL ladies but other than that, it’s fake “proper” speech and accents. I’ve never seen a more contrived group of women in my life.

My ATL ladies though – they tell it like it is through and through. They use slang, they give us ALL the shade hunny, and they know how to speak “properly”. A great mix that is probably best representative of a lot of us ladies – especially those with a lil’ ratchet in ‘em.



This is what I will say. Other than with Claudia Jordan (sorry I had to mention her!) no one on ATL franchise has ever been questioned about their blackness. Hell even when Nene called Sweetie a slave we still knew Nene thought she was black!

But on the 2nd episode of Potomac, these ladies attend Katie’s Jewish baby naming ceremony. Chileeeee.

These women – black women – really sat and had a whole conversation about their race. Identifying their race. Ain’t the point of this crap that y’all black but extra rich and live in one of the wealthiest suburbs? I dunno.

The most enlightening part of it all was Gizelle and Robin having to assert their blackness (particularly Robin) as Katie says to them “I thought you were white when I first met you”. Robin shut that shit down reallll quick!

Katie (and Karen and Charisse) is one of those blacks that is extremely adamant about pointing out that she’s mixed. She said she doesn’t date anything but white and/or Jewish men. Ok. And made a reference to this having to do with monetary status. Sigh. I can’t take her.

Karen ain’t no better. Her comment about her daughter reflecting their values by dating a Caucasian boy? Oh lordt! I almost punched that TV. Instead I just opted to leave her an angry IG message along with many other black viewers who felt her comments to be ignorant. Oh and don’t get me started on her comments about “the help”. Like bish is you serious?! You don’t realize that just 40 years ago if not earlier, people who looked like your ass were the help up in that area? Delusions.

Charisse may be the worst one though. Her comments about people on Section 8, the ghetto, and the help? Wooo chile. I had to woo-sah.




All in all, I think most black women would agree, that Real Housewives of Atlanta wins the battle of the #brownsundays ::umph excuse me:: #shadysundays by a landslide.

The woman are more relatable, real, and seem to actually like being black. They’ve depicted uplifting their communities, addressing the circumstances black boys are subject to, and most importantly SHADE.


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