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The Magical Things That Can Happen Once Black Womyn Stop Viewing Each Other As Competition

Competition, the word is never really said out loud outside of the context of sports, but it manifested itself everywhere. Growing up in a poor, predominately Black and Latino/a/x neighborhood, competition unconsciously (maybe consciously) informed the interactions most of the neighborhood kids had, but why?   I never understood, nor did I really even notice […]

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#RHOA vs #RHOP: Are you here for #BrownSundays or nah?

In true Bravo TV style, Andy Cohen, Executive Producer of the Real Housewives series, (and the rest of the people at Bravo) thought it was an excellent idea to add another all black cast to the popular franchise. As many of you reality TV junkies know, Sunday night was already being held down by the […]

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10 Tips for Loving Yourself on Valentine’s Day and Beyond  

  Based on the framework of bell hooks’ ‘All about Love’, we give you 10 tips (and a bonus) for self-love on Valentine’s Day and beyond. bell hooks describes love as not simply a noun but an action so let’s get ready for ACTION! Tell your best friend or partner a secret you’ve never told […]

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